Koshergate (Or: The Porker Pandemonium)

(They’re playing our song - again…?!)

Let’s start with a question you probably won’t find in any kosher food guide (or medical handbook):

‘What is worse: Getting chickenpox or chickenpork?’

Staying with the topic of ’stuff you won’t find in…’, as far as I know, there isn’t yet an Oscar for the category ‘disgusting yet funny’ performances but if there was, the following news story could have high hopes to be turned into a Hollywood blockbuster.

The story did remind me of the movie ‘Leon the Pig Farmer’, described by Wikipedia as ‘a 1993 comedy about a Jewish estate agent in London who discovers that thanks to an artificial insemination mishap, his real father is a swineherd from Yorkshire.’

Here’s the story, as presented in the Telegraph’s science section:

“Restaurants have been serving chicken secretly injected with beef and pork proteins, a study by the Food Standards Agency has revealed. The proteins have been used by food manufacturers as a method of bulking up chicken meat with water. The bovine and porcine protein powders allow the chicken to hold far more water, and gives unscrupulous manufacturers the opportunity to sell their meat at a higher price to wholesalers.”

‘Porcine protein powder’ has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Especially, if followed by a ‘Rabid rabbi rips head off restaurateur’s romp’...

(Chickenpork: Not unlike Montezuma’s revenge…)

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