News Roundup for 6/11/09

Man holds barrel of a gun to the camera
Apparently, how the typical Republican wants you to picture them

-Headline of the day-
"Is The Right Still 'Proud To Be a Right-Wing Extremist'?"

Actually, it kind of seems that way. When the Department of Homeland Security's draft report "Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment" was leaked, the Republican party and the religious right thought they had a goldmine. Now they could play the victim, because "right wing"="Republican" -- never mind that whole "extremism" part. Obama -- that secret Muslim terr'ist -- was targeting Republicans as potential terr'ists! What balls!

Of course, it turned out that the report wasn't about Republicans at all, it was about what it said it was about -- right wing extremists. That is, neo-nazis, anti-abortion bomb-tossers, anti-government militia groups, etc. You know, crazy people with a definite history of violence.

Weird, huh?

Now that an abortion doctor has been shot and an antisemite has killed someone at the freakin' Holocaust Museum -- along with various other incidents of right wing nuts getting violent -- grabbing the label "right wing extremist" so you can pretend you're being victimized doesn't really look like the smartest move in the world.

Unless, of course, you belong to the wingnut Liberty Council. Then you can buy these cards to proudly proclaim your status as a right wing loonie and unfairly targeted Republican (click them to view full-sized):

That'll show them liberals... Teabags forever! w00t! (Right Wing Watch)

-We're all confuzled-
A new FOX News poll shows that approvals for President Obama are still high (62%), but on the issue of the economy, no one knows what the hell is going on. Asked how the economy's going, 40% said it was getting better and 42% said it was getting worse.

However, when those same people were asked if Obama's stimulus spending was working, 46% said yes and 39% said no. So a significant percentage believe the economy's getting worse and that Obama's spending is making the economy better.

Seriously, WTF? (Political Wire)

-Bonus HotD-
"Coleman Must Pay Franken Court Costs."

In Minnesota, the loser pays court costs. So Norman, you're gonna lose and you owe Al $95,000 -- plus interest. The Coleman campaign says he "wouldn't pay the costs until the state Supreme Court rules on the appeal."

Interest accrues daily, so tick-tock. (Political Wire)

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  1. "So a significant percentage believe the economy's getting worse and that Obama's spending is making the economy better."

    Don't follow you here, Wisco. Certainly some people might think the economy is currently neither getting better nor worse, and that Obama's plan is working (since if it wasn't, the economy would still be getting worse).

    A minor nitpick; overall another fine effort.