News Roundup for 5/29/09

All to avoid buying a stamp

-Headline of the day-
"Anti-Gay 'Journalist' Dragged Kicking And Screaming From Air Force One."

Georgia-based "journalist" Brenda Lee had to be dragged away from Air Force One after she demanded to hand-deliver a letter to Barack Obama asking him to "take a stand for traditional marriage."

Lee, who claims to have White House press credentials, writes for something called the Georgia Informer, which sounds pretty nuts. According to the report, the Informer seems to exist only online and hadn't (at the time of the report) been updated for a year. "[S]o far I can only find an incomprehensible editorial by her in which she thanks God for not destroying California with an earthquake, despite all the wicked people living there," the report reads.

That's nice of her.

Lee also claims to be a "Black Catholic Priestess" -- whatever the hell that is. Whatever it is, Lee insists it's damned important, heathen, and stop asking so many questions.

"On what grounds does Rev. Lee speak for GOD?" she writes at the Informer. "Her credentials out weigh that of Benedict XVI [sic] and every other Christian, or religious leader in the world. They have not heard the VOICE of GOD and they do not have the gift of prophecy or healing. None are willing to meet her face to face and call upon the name of GOD, as of the days of old because they know that she ranks with John the Baptist and Saint Peter." I didn't know there was a ranking system.

If you're guessing the site's been updated since Lee's experience, you're right. They've posted the letter Lee was trying to give Obama, titled "God Verses Men." You'd think that such Supreme Holy Authority would come with some spelling skill.

The letter itself is nothing special or surprising. She blames AIDS on God's wrath over gays, says gays are child molesters, and urges Obama "to stand against the gay life that threatens to tear America apart." Typical wingnut shit, really. The only thing remarkable about it is how familiar it all is. I guess your average religious right screwball is just as loopy -- just not so publicly.

For her part, Lee doesn't see what all the fuss was about. "My reaction to [being carried off by the Secret Service] is total shock," she writes. "All of it was unnecessary. At no point did I demand to give President Obama the letter; it was in an envelope and address to the White House. I thought I would save myself and stamp [sic] and I would be assured that he received it."

Well there ya go then -- she's just frugal. And here you thought she was squirrelly. You wouldn't be the only one. She says the Secret Service guys insulted her by "implying that I had mental problems" and asking if she was on drugs. She knows all about that stuff, she says, because her sister Betty "worked on the sixth floor of Macon Hospital" -- which naturally makes her an expert on implied mental illness and drug use. So she knew they were making fun of her.

Can't pull one over on someone who ranks up with John the Baptist, I guess. (Joe. My. God.)

-Unrelated religious whackjob news...-
Wikipedia has banned the Church of Scientology from editing entries at the online encyclopedia. Turns out that cultists who believe we're possessed by alien lifeforms have a long history of bullshitting.

Who would've guessed? (Raw Story)

-Who cares what Dick Cheney think?-
Turns out the odds are pretty damned good it's not you.

A recent Rasmussen poll asks, "Former Vice President Dick Cheney has been speaking out lately on a number of topics. Now that he has left office, how important are Dick Cheney’s opinions?"

The results:

17% Very important

22% Somewhat important

26% Not very important

31% Not at all important

4% Not sure

57% assign little or no importance to what Dick says -- and Rasmussen polling often skews Republican. Writes Greg Sargent, "I’d tally up how many times the cable nets have granted Cheney a platform to air views that a sizable majority says aren’t important, but it’s Friday and I’m too lazy."

Amen buddy. I'd do the same, but it means I'd probably have to get out of the hammock and put down the drink with a little umbrella in it. Screw that. Suffice it to say that Dick Cheney gets a lot of teevee time for someone no one gives a fuck about.

Now, if you'll excuse me, this fruity beverage isn't going to imbibe itself. (Plumline)

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