News Roundup for 5/15/09

Godzilla attacks buildings
Artist's depiction of Obama visiting Notre Dame

-Headline of the day-
"The Notre Dame Protests In a Nutshell."

Right Wing Watch sums up the protests over noted baby-killer, commie, and secret Muslim terr'ist Barack Obama's commencement speech at Notre Dame with a single photo:

Keyes and fellow lunatics

Writes RWW blogger Kyle, "Because nothing says 'reasoned, respectful debate' quite like Alan Keyes pushing a blood-covered doll around in a Spongebob stroller."

You stay classy, Alan. (Right Wing Watch)

-So these are free then?-
ABC affiliate WTVG scored an interview with Samuel "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelhinky, where Wurzelgruber offered his opinion of same sex PDA. "Men kissing each other...it throws me off," he said. "It’s not something I want around my family." It's that sort of in-depth analysis that really makes us all glad that Wurzelblinker is still riding that gravy train of pseudo-celebrity. Who else would say they didn't like gays because they thought the whole idea was icky?

But Joe says he knows his fame is short-lived and we'll all have to one day get along without his wisdom. He said he had about a year left with this famous-for-being-famous gig and then he's going to have to find a job -- like plumbing, maybe. "You gotta at least respect that I'm not sitting there trying to make a buck off my 15 minutes," he said. "Do I want to make some money? Absolutely but I'm going to do it the right way."

According to the report, "Not seeming to recognize the irony, immediately after making this statement, he then signed a copy of his book." See, Wurzelwurst was interviewed at a book-signing, "literally sitting in front of boxes containing numerous copies of his recently released book," while he bragged that he wasn't trying to cash in.

"I can also definitely see it from the other side where people are just like 'Man just freakin' go away!'" he said. See, that's why he's so valuable to the GOP -- he's a psychic.

According to Amazon.com's listing for Joe the Plumber: Fighting for the American Dream, customers checking out his book generally either buy it, a "Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt, Available in Various Sizes," or Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Classic Regency Romance - Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem!

Just thought you'd want to know. (Think Progress, with video)

-Hey Dick, stop helping!-
Speaking of people who won't "just freakin' go away," National Journal has an interesting poll of what GOP insiders think of Dick Cheney's big "yay for torture!" media blitz.

Turns out, they're against it.

Asked, "Has Dick Cheney helped or hurt the Republican Party since leaving office?" 57% of Republicans said he's hurt the party. "He seems determined to vindicate his decisions and policies even if it damages the GOP's recovery," says one of those polled. "And it has."

"Anything that reminds the public of the Bush administration harms the party's ability to turn the page," says another. "If he'd had any concern for his public image when he was in office, he wouldn't have to worry as much about defending his reputation now."

Another has some advice for Dick, "There is nothing Dick Cheney can say or do to help the Republican Party today. The best thing he can do is disappear for the next 10 years."

Meanwhile, 92% of dems say Dick's bad for the GOP. "Cheney offering counsel on politics is like Hoover offering counsel on the economy," says one. "[Y]ou're more likely to find WMDs in Iraq than independent voters who like the former vice president." says another.

So there you have it -- good patriotic Republicans want Dick to go away, while terr'ist-loving commies want him to keep doing what he's doing.

Why does Dick Cheney hate America? (National Journal, via Political Wire)

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