Ed Balls, England’s Schools Secretary, caught pissing on soldiers’ graves


(”What…?! Thirty quid for two poppies…?!”)

I have to say that the, still ongoing, scandal about British politicians and their expenses has been quite educational.

Not that the venality and arrogance of that loathsome tribe are all that surprising, per se. It’s just that their greed has been allowed to blossom in such pathetic detail.

I don’t want to compare this particular crowd with Hitler’s Third Reich but I remember reading about the death camps – and how everything there was organized to the tiniest detail. Such as fake soap being provided to make those death chambers look more like shower rooms.

Again, the sins of this shameless set of politicians are of a different order altogether but it’s still, as I said, educational to see how bad things can get if we don’t tag these people like sex offenders or put them in glass, Big Brother type houses.

On the other hand, they couldn’t pay me enough to keep a close eye on the likes of Ed Balls, England’s Schools Secretary, who is, almost, in a very repugnant class of his own:

“Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary and one of Gordon Brown’s closest allies, claimed £33 for two Remembrance Sunday poppy wreaths — and had the bill disallowed by the Commons authorities.”

How sad can anyone be?

To what dizzying lows can even a politician aim to reach?

Remembering the dead: those soldiers that died in a world war for the country you ’serve’ as a minister of the crown.

Serving your country, that is, by claiming a lousy £33 as fucking expenses for the two poppies you wear on Remembrance Sunday…

Some things are beyond criminal.

When you’d actually piss on the wreaths at a soldiers’ memorial, you would be in breach of the law.

Ed Balls, the man responsible for the education of England’s children, might not have broken any laws, in trying to get the country to pay for the poppies he was happy enough to wear for the odd publicity shot but he might just as well have taken his dick out and marked that memorial with his politician’s scent.

(When WILL they ever fucking learn…?)

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