The Reach

The taking… of that reach
Dare it be a wide expanse?
For I want more than victory
So I will take this chance

How can one find happiness?
Without one’s own desire
These years I’ve lived with nothingness
And still walk through the fire
Living with the consequence
Sentenced to the pyre
Never was I on the list
Yet subject to the ire
When all I want is bliss

Bliss alone from angel fair
Moments in the past
Gave my heart, I put you there
You treated it like trash
Even now I do declare
Love will never last
Thoughts of this I cannot bear
Let me have, some cash
And this I surely dare

To dream a dream impossible
Now reality
Could I be unstoppable?
Maybe I’m crazy
Say again not possible
I’ll point to lovely lady
Like and love unsolvable
Because they see
Not probable

No one man
Should have all that power
Still don’t understand
I’m screaming louder
Or will that be the fans.
Beautiful delicate flowers
Unable to stand
In this land
Just one more hour

Wanting the more
Everything in-between
Cause at the core
Nothing and everything
It is the reason for…

The Reach

Copyright © 2012, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

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