Between Nuts

What is left between… us?
How I have longed to fill
Will you just shut up?
Because even now I still feel…
Ok here’s the deal
As your echoes die down
Did you have to repeat no
Even now
You won’t let me go
I Want You Around
Here is what I’ve found

Only things
Like your photograph
Happiness and misery
Of course there is the bad
Will I go mad?
With Nothing

But empty space
For love is what I read
The look on your face
Am I Better Off Dead
What a waste
That’s what she said
Foundation with no base

Remember The Time
Did I think it was love?
Imagine she was mine
Could I ever be enough?
Myself I have yet to find
And I ain’t much
Angelic and divine…

Then we smash it
We Bump and Grind
Though nothing gets fixed
You could only be so kind
A sinner’s wish
What am I?

Copyright © 2012, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

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