Let Me Lie Next To Your Fire

Is love so dire?
Does the heart not tire?
Beating and entreating
Alone am I dreaming?
That someday I might
Be touched by Heaven’s Light
A day, a month, another year
You appear

Why men learn to fly
And I cry
This thirst of desire
Quenched so much higher
Than I have ever been
Such is my sin
I run and I chase
For such a taste

Want of a kiss
How I yearn for such bliss
Heaven I find
Lost in your eyes
I’m freed from the mire
Can’t I admire?
Paradise divine
Could you be mine?

Love is without reason
Dreaming of a season
In the dark of night
Would you be that light
Beside me, to guide me
Whoever could I be?
Boy made Sire
You do inspire

As the dragon and phoenix
To be blessed so I attest
Love will find a way
Tonight, tomorrow, someday
On Cupid’s lips “No”
Yet this moment could be so
Like Hendrix I do
Let me lie next to your fire

Copyright © 2012, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

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