Some... Body

Anybody… a world of no
How can one so low
Dream of perfection, not so, so
I stay up and dream of you
Today, tomorrow, a few
And I am surrounded

Everybody… if they only knew
You too
This feeling so new
Warmer and warmer
Who I was former
Once so wild now tamer
Beautiful stranger

Somebody… please
Still, a dream
My new reality
Soft and warm
As if reborn
Boy to man
But I am…

Nobody… but I believe
Love is the answer… probably
Though I see
The only exception
Is a moment’s reflection?
In your eyes

A body
An end to monotony
To be and not be
For who am I
Tonight to lie and lie
What this is
Will always miss

Life, death, and breath
Love not kept
Lust… what’s left?
Lonely, little me
Looking to use Some… Body

Copyright © 2012, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

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