Enough To Shudder

As here comes the thunder
Surely I dream a blunder
To come from under the covers
In fact seems so much tougher
Than I think anything else
Because outside I see Hell
Just listen to all the voices
If these are my only choices

How can I let myself, be torn asunder?
There is no need to wonder
Throw the covers over me
Yet how will I sleep?
For I want only the big
Could death bring bliss?
Believe me, I have tried
It started out with a kiss

I have dreamed of a lover
Did she make my heart flutter?
The reason for a trashcan
A laptop in my hands
See the world from my bed
Should I have her instead?
Between the sheets
Was a fool’s dream

I’m only another brother
Hood didn’t take me under
This child of the suburbs
Haven’t you heard?
Because when I make my noise
All you girls and boys
Could be, should be, will be…
We will just have to see

I’ll be something other
No longer will I shudder
One eye sees all
Having my Babydoll
My name in lights
I’ve got the world in my pocket
And nothing’s gonna stop it
Who wants the love?
When it won’t be enough

Copyright © 2012, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

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