Burning Life

Into the fire
But am I still a liar
If I rise to my desire
Ashes packed underfoot
How I dared to look
With fear I shook
Suddenly I see
What I am to be
Can’t I be me?

Should I put the fire out?
Or head back south
Everything… is different now
Looking above
I’m not looking for love
So let lust be dust
And I will rise
Let me surmise
I will survive

On these flames
As Jigsaw plays games
I’ll do the same
For to value my life
Must understand why
That’s why I say goodbye
To all these tears
God-awful fears
All these years

Finally to be off
You call me lost
Maybe I am…
Where will I land?
Milk and honey
Soft piles of money
Isn’t it funny?

Both Heaven and Hell
Don’t want me there
Go where
Limbo… too ordinary
Second Circle glory
You’ll learn
Love to turn
Still the world burns

Copyright © 2012, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

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