News Roundup for 4/6/10

Chairman Mao
More popular than teabaggers

-Headline of the day-
"Tea Party Movement As Popular As Socialism."

A recent Gallup poll has the rightwing blogosphere in a triumphant tizzy. That poll showed that 37% of Americans have a positive view of the teabaggers. In your face, commie socialist nazi healthcare lovers! America has spoken!

Well, not so fast... Turns out Gallup did a poll in February that showed a virtually identical percentage -- 36% -- had a favorable view of socialism. "You can find roughly 4 in 10 Americans who will give a positive rating to just about anything in politics that they know little about," write John Halpin and Ruy Teixeira of the Center for American Progress. So there's that.

Things get better; over at Firedoglake, blogger Blue Texan crunches Gallup's poll numbers and finds that teabaggers are actually less popular than China (47%). And that Obama still beats the "let's all hate Obama" crowd's numbers with an approval of 55% -- nearly 20 points higher than the teabaggers. Still, they beat out terr'ist haven Saudi Arabia (35%) and, perplexingly, the teabagger queen Sarah Palin (36.8%). So there's that.

So yeah, four in ten Americans love themselves some teabaggers -- just as much as socialism. But they love Obama and communist China more. (Think Progress)

-An excuse for everything-
The Pope isn't trying to ignore that whole sex abuse scandal thing.

Pope 'wasn't distancing himself' from scandal - claims brakes on Popemobile didn't work
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Damned Toyota popemobiles! (Go Comics)

-Bonus HotD-
"Fox host to Reid: 'Be careful' when you 'demonize' Tea Parties."

FOX News morning idiot Steve Doocy warns Harry Reid not to make fun of teabaggers, since polls show the movement is almost as popular as China. (Raw Story, with video)

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