News Roundup for 4/15/10

Joseph Farrah
Has his mustache in a knot again

-Headline of the day-
"Birther Website WND Worries Its Credibility Will Be Hurt If It Doesn't Get More Seats At Correspondents' Dinner."

Birther and noted homosexual Joseph Farrah's WorldNetDaily is probably lucky they get in the door at all for the White House Correspondents' Dinner -- seeing as the site has as much credibility as a rerun of The X-Files already. But he's going to sue to get more tables.

No, seriously.

According the WingNutDaily themselves, "The dispute arose over WND's request -- and payment -- for three tables at the association's annual banquet in Washington, which has been described as being to the news industry what the Academy Awards are to Hollywood." Well, it's like the Oscars except for the fact that no one wins anything, you don't have to sit through the obit reel, and nobody really cares about it. Other than that, yeah. Guys wear tuxedos and the ladies look pretty.

WND worries that not having enough tables is "damaging its credibility" as a news outlet. A couple points here; 1) WingNutDaily once reported that the Ark of the Covenant was about to be revealed, presumably melting Nazis worldwide, and that angels had been caught singing on tape, so it's rep has long since been shot and 2) I totally judge the credibility of a news source by checking to see how many tables they had at the White House Freakin' Correspondents' Dinner. It's the very first thing I do the next day. I get the seating chart and check off all the organizations that don't get at least three tables. Sorry Topeka Sun, but the seating chart says you only got a couple chairs. That means you only publish bullshit. Sucks to be you.

What I'm wondering is how many tables al Jazeera will get. They ought to give them a big grandstand, like the Roman Emperor's balcony at the Coliseum, with hot babes fanning the reporters with giant palm fronds and peacock feathers. And make WingNutDaily sit on lawnchairs or stumps or something and eat mac and cheese. Joseph Farrah's head would literally explode.

Not that it would actually have to happen to get covered by WingNutdaily. I'm pretty sure that's the way they'll report on the dinner regardless. (Think Progress)

-Tell it to Tojo, FOX-
Speaking of shitty news sources that only report bullshit, let's talk FOX News. Jon Stewart applies the network's "logic" to the network itself and, lo and behold, it turns out to be idiocy.

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FOX News' new slogan: Oushikuso o kudasai!

Yeah, when you have to put links in a punchline to explain the joke, it kind of takes the edge off all the funny. Still, it's fun for me and that's what really counts. (Comedy Central, via Raw Story)

-Headline of the day-
"Congressman: I follow Twitter just to f*ck with Tea Party."

Hey, me too! Rep. Anthony Weiner is my hero of the day... (Raw Story)

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