News Roundup for 4/13/10

Old photo of two men with silent movie camera
The camera doesn't lie... The guy with the camera does

-Headline of the day-
"AP fact-checks Andrew Breitbart; Breitbart loses."

King of the wingnut blogosphere Andy Brietbart posted video that proved that teabaggers weren't racist and that Democrats -- particularly members of the Congressional Black Caucus -- were terrible, shameful liars. They said that teabaggers spit on them and called them niggers. Brietbart's video proved they didn't.

Ha ha! Gotcha libtards! Shame on you for playing the race card against fine, reasonable Americans with perfectly grammatical signs.

There is, however, one tiny little problem with Brietbart's video. Nothing major, a quibble really... See, it was taken just a smidge after the racist incidents occurred. According to the report, "[A]n article from the Associated Press says the video Breitbart trumpeted was not shot at the time the black lawmakers say they were targeted with the N-word; rather, the video was shot an hour later, as the group emerged from a congressional meeting. They had alleged that they were targeted as they were walking into the meeting."

Here's the video from an hour before Brietbart's:

What's Rep. Cleaver wiping off his face there? Sure doesn't look like a rainy day. It would seem, unthinkable as the prospect may be, that Andy Brietbart is a rightwing bullshit artist.

Who ever heard of such a thing? (Raw Story)

-Nuclear fallout-
Barack Obama's new nuclear policy has the right hoping mad, with at least one GOP representative accusing him of treason and all the rest warning that, if the president has his way, Krushchev's going to bomb us into glass (yeah, no one seems to have told them about this whole "21st century" thing. It'd break their little hearts to know the cold war is over).

Anyhoo, this commie sympathizer's nuclear suicide pact is already producing devastating consequences. According to the report, "President Viktor Yanukovich of Ukraine agreed to give up all of his country's stockpile of highly enriched uranium (HEU)" and will switch all their reactors to use "low-enriched uranium." The fear was that terrorists or other nuclear wannabes would steal the highly enriched stuff and make weapons -- seeing how it's weapons-grade and all. Now, that's not going to happen. Not in the Ukraine anyway.

So, first Republicans had to stop freaking out about the USSR and soon they'll have to stop freaking out about nuclear terr'ism.

Seriously, what's the fun in being a Republican if there's nothing to wet yourself in a panic over? (Political Animal)

-Bonus HotD-
"Lieberman: Thank God political momentum is with Republicans."

Joementum also says "everybody should listen" to Sarah Freakin' Palin.

Someone needs to remind Lieberman that, with the loss of the Democrats' filibuster-proof majority, there's absolutely no reason for Democrats to let him keep his committee chairmanship. So the smartest thing in the world for him to do would be to keep his idiot mouth shut.

Somebody needs to remind Democrats of that too. (Raw Story)

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