News Roundup for 3/31/10

Empty chair
Law professor who believes healthcare reform is unconstitutional poses for photo

-Headline of the day-"
"College debate organizers unable to find any law professors to argue health reform is unconstitutional."

Now there's a problem.

In a sign that state's attorneys general are in for tough sledding if they want to sue over healthcare reform, the University of Washington recently held a "debate" in which everyone agreed that the healthcare bill is completely constitutional. And not because it was rigged, but because they couldn't find anyone who disagreed.

"Even John McKay, the former Republican U.S. attorney for Western Washington (who was forced out in 2006 under contentious circumstances) said that while he sympathized with some of the political issues in play," the report reads, "he thought the lawsuits lacked merit."

"One way to say it is, that this has to be seen as a political exercise," he said.

"I will say that we tried very hard to get a professor who could come and who thinks this is flat-out unconstitutional," event moderator Hugh Spitzer said. "But there are relatively few of them, and they are in great demand."

I'd imagine. There's always a market for people who'll tell you what you want to hear, regardless of whether or not it's true.

Ask Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck. (Think Progress)

-Bad Pope-
Bad Reporter's Don Asmussen takes on the Vatican's sex abuse scandal.

Pope: Defrocking was what got priest in trouble in the first place
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You've got to admit, he has a point. (Bad Reporter)

-Bonus HotD-
"Ross Douthat Blames Child-Raping Catholic Priests On... Hippies!"

That's right, the New York Times resident wingnut has declared the Catholical clergy child abuse scandal on lefties. It's all liberals' fault.

Why? Because everything is always liberals' fault. It's just that simple. (Wonkette)

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