News Roundup for 3/15/10

GOP-funded sign
This grassroots movement brought to you by the GOP

-Headline of the day-
"Tea Party activists distribute signs paid for by the RNC at ‘Take The Town Halls to Washington’ event."

The "tea parties" are an entirely grassroots movement. It's just coincidence that they're funded by corporations. And it's a nonpartisan movement, that just happens to hate Democrats and get a lot of stuff from the Republican Party. Turns out that when you show up for a protest, a PA system, banners, buses, and a bunch of pre-printed signs to wave around don't magically appear.

So, signs reading "Listen to me!" to have shown up at a three-week protest in Washington. That's right, three freakin' weeks of morons who have no idea what they're mad about. And the signs were paid for by the Republican Party. "Tea Party?" Try "Tool Party."

Or maybe "Puppet Show." (Think Progress)

-Things are bad all over-
The problems with Toyotas are effecting everyone.

Driveby shooters sue Toyota, tell harrowing account of car that wouldn't slow down
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There oughta be a law... (Bad Reporter)

-Bonus HotD-
"Grayson goes for the jugular: ‘Alaskan chillbilly’ smartest GOP leader since W."

Sarah Palin's not very smart... and now she's a "chillbilly." Man, I love this guy. (Raw Story)

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