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-Headline of the day-
"Megyn Kelly Presses RNC Spokesperson On Who Went To 'Bondage-Themed Nightclub.'"

Yeah, that Megyn Kelly -- FOX News' Megyn Kelly. By now, you've probably heard about a Republican National Committee flack -- who is most definitely not Chairman Michael Steele -- spending an insane amount of party money at a West Hollywood spanking palace and titty bar. The RNC is trying to make it all go away by reminding everyone that it was most definitely not Chairman Michael Steele! So the RNC sent this flatheaded bowl of vanilla pudding to go on FOX News, where Republican scandals are supposed to go to die. Instead, Megyn briefly flirts with journalism by putting flatheaded bowl of vanilla pudding guy on the spot.

FOX clip
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So it was some guy named Erik Brown -- who is most definitely not Chairman Michael Steele!

She was doing pretty well until flatheaded bowl of vanilla pudding guy held out the shiny bauble of a similar Democratic scandal. A risque nightclub called Josephine! I'm surprised she didn't wipe her mouth.

Of course, "risque" isn't how most people would use to describe the club; "swanky," "exclusive," and "ritzy" come up a lot. But not "topless" or "simulated lesbian sex shows" or "bondage-themed." It's just a DC red-rope dance club. "Risque" doesn't apply. Still, $10 grand is a lot to drop, unless of course it was the annual Christmas party of a huge national political party celebrating its candidate's first year in the White House -- which it was.

You almost had it there Megyn, but you let yourself get distracted. (Mediaite)

-So far, flatheaded bowl of vanilla pudding guy is failing-
It turns out that Erik Brown's -- who is most definitely not Chairman Michael Steele -- trip to a West Hollywood skin joint has a lot of people up in arms. For example, the Concerned Women for America are surprisingly concerned.

The group blasted out an email to supporters. "Did you really swill drinks, ogle young girls and plan party business at this kind of establishment?" asked most Concerned Women Penny Nance. "Please explain!"

For the first time in my life, I'm with the CWA on this one -- start explaining. Not because I'm outraged though, but because I think there's a lot of funny to be mined out of this story for a while... (Plum Line)

-Bonus HotD-
"This Guy, He’s The One Who Spent RNC Money On Lesbian Bondage Horse-Bits Sexytime."

Meet Erik Brown:

Erik Brown

Wow. No surprise at all. He looks like what they'd send if you called Central Casting and told them you needed someone to play a prick. (Wonkette)

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