News Roundup for 3/16/10


-Headline of the day-
"Tea Party Crowd Calls For Pelosi To Be Tried For Treason."

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, hates America. So let's all hate her back... Grrrr!

As the House considers using a "deem and pass" rule to get healthcare reform on the president's desk, many teabaggers see an assault on this very nation. The huge anti-reform rally in DC got ugly when the move was mentioned, with shouts of "Try her for treason!" rising up from the crowd.

A couple of points here; 1) ain't never gonna happen in a million years, 2) try her on what charge -- abiding by the house parliamentary rules? Newt Gingrich used deem and pass to get a line-item veto bill through. Want to try him too?

I'm guessing no. Like the Republican Party who pulls their marionette strings, teabaggers are awfully selective about what constitutes treason and what doesn't. If Republicans do it, it's fine. If Democrats do the same thing, it's treason.

It's just that easy. None of that pesky "reasoning" involved. (Talking Points Memo, with video)

-Cage match!-
Guess what? All politics is fake!

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Professional wrestling, on the other hand, is real. (The Daily Show)

-Bonus HotD-
"Avatar: Advertisement For Paganism."

If Crazytown had a TV station, this is what At the Movies would look like. (Youtube, via Right Wing Watch)

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