News Roundup for 3/22/10

Bill Kristol
Proof you can't be fired from the punditry

-Headline of the day-
"Kristol: GOP Should Repeal Obamacare Before Public Gets To Like It."

He Who is Always Wrong weighed in on last night's historic healthcare reform vote in a Weekly Standard op-ed. And, I've got to admit, he's come as close to being right as I can remember him being for a good long time.

"Luckily, key parts of Obamacare — especially the subsidies — don’t go into effect until 2014," William Kristol writes. "So what Republicans have to do is to make the 2010 and the 2012 elections referenda on Obamacare, win those elections, and then repeal Obamacare." After 2014, the subsidies will kick in and people will realize that they're actually helpful. You'd be able, for example, to leave a lousy job and keep your health insurance. When that happens, everyone will be happy with it and repealing it will be political suicide.

As I say, it's half right. People will like Obamacare in 2014, but I think they'll like it in 2010, too. In any case, Republicans don't stand a chance in hell of repealing it anyway.

Nice try, Bill. You've almost got it. But as long as you've got your head jammed up your ideological ass, you'll never quite get it right. Y'gotta deal with the real world, not the world as you wish it was. That's why none of your predictions about Iraq came to be.

Basically, you're choosing to be stupid and it's killing your batting average. (Plum Line)

-Teabaggers are dumb-
During the healthcare reform protest, an enterprising young fella for New Left Media waded out into the stupid to find out how deep it was. Turns out, it's pretty damned deep out there in Teabaggerland. When you try to get them to explain why they oppose healthcare reform, they have trouble doing it -- and when they actually can explain it, their answers are either just plain factually wrong or completely insane.

Go FOX News! Teabags forever! w00t! (Youtube)

-Bonus HotD-
"Canadian university to Ann Coulter: Your hateful rhetoric won’t fly here, so watch your mouth when you visit."

Asking Ann Coulter to play nice is like asking a sewer not to stink. It just ain't gonna happen. (Think Progress)

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