News Roundup for 3/30/10

Plane crash from 'Lost'
Hey, coulda happened...

-Headline of the day-
"Fox News cuts away from Obama bill signing to cover plane that 'had no problem landing.'"

Whoohoo! Big news day. President Obama signs the healthcare reconciliation bill, bringing the whole thing across the finish line. Truly, a historic occasion and one marked by... Wait! We have breaking news of a pending air disaster!

Whew! That's a relief... Now what were we talking about?

Oh yeah, Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a Marxist Nazi who wants to kill your children and sell their organs to Islamic terr'ists!!!

In other words, back to our regularly scheduled programming. (Media Matters)

-Not even close-
John McCain was in Nashua, NH for some reason, where he took credit for ending the war in Iraq. "...I'd just wanted to say again because our veterans are here, that I'm happy to tell you that elections in Iraq went okay. Look, democracy is a hard thing, but it was a contested election and there's no other country in the Middle East besides Israel where there's a contested election," he said. "And the most importantly than that, now for three months, there has not been a single American servicemember killed or wounded in Iraq."

Yay! Unfortunately, not so much true. Think Progress points out "...12 U.S. servicemembers had died in Iraq in 2010 as of March 13, and at least 93 had been wounded. Since that time, there have been four more deaths and six more people wounded."

It's this firm command of the facts that served him so well in the 2008 presidential race. (Think Progress, with video)

-Bonus HotD-
"Tea party leaders say they would 'absolutely' abolish Social Security."

OK, GOP. You've got your marching orders. Run on that. (Think Progress, with video)

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