News Roundup for 9/3/09

Yummy ham sandwich
If you think you're going to get hungry, bring a lunch

-Headline of the day-
"MoveOn: California fracas, finger-biting 'regrettable.'"

"Regrettable?" Try "stupid as all hell."

The background, according to Ben Smith at Politico; "KTLA in Los Angeles reported, citing law enforcement officials, that a 65-year-old man had his finger bitten off Wednesday evening at a health care rally in Thousand Oaks, and a witness described a confrontation that began with the man who would lose his finger striking another man on his way to the MoveOn vigil." The formerly fully-digital man was a healthcare reform opponent. Toothy McLoonie was a supporter.

OK, lesson #1; don't hit people. Lesson #2; if someone hits you, get a cop -- don't bite his damned finger off, you psycho! Lesson #3; don't screw with lefties because we will mess you up.

Anyhoo, MoveOn.org says the organization "condemns violence in all forms." Which is good. "We have seen passions run high on both sides all summer in the health care debate, and we strongly believe that this nation deserves an honest, peaceful and respectful debate about health care reform," they said in a statement -- which is also good.

Calling the oral phalangic amputation a "regrettable act of violence" is probably not so good. I'd go with something a little stronger. Maybe "Oh my Holy [insert pretty much any word here]!"

Still, Nine Finger Freddie's pretty lucky in the end. He's got Medicare, which is socialism. The commies will fix him right up. (Politico)

-Cartoon time with Mark Fiore-
Hey kids, did you know we're throwing a war for some country named Stan? We are! It's really complicated, but here's the skinny:

Cash for Karzai
Click for animation

Understand it a little better now?

I didn't think so... (MarkFiore.com)

-Bonus HotD-
"Obama and O.J.: More than O's in common?"

The right wing WorldNetDaily is reporting that "Many Americans, and even a few trained in behavioral science, have identified President Obama as a deeply pathological narcissist." As such, he's going to kill people, just like that Orenthal guy did. Guaranteed. An unnamed "few trained in behavioral science" say it's a leadpipe cinch.

Their proof? "According to experts, the profoundly narcissistic frequently astonish casual observers when the extent of control they have been able to maintain over their environment (primarily, people close to them) is finally revealed."

I don't think WingNutDaily has been paying attention to the healthcare debate. It's about as controlled as a five alarm blaze at a munitions plant. Besides, if the president was going to murder anyone, Joe Biden would've died a long time ago. (WorldNetDaily, via Right Wing Watch)

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