News Roundup for 8/9/10

Duck as quack doctor
Right's idea of a real doctor

-Headline of the day-
"Angle Headlines Far-Right 'Doctors Tea Party' Event Attended By Fake Doctors ."

Crazy desert hobo Sharron Angle knows that doctors hate the Obamacare war crime, because it's socialism and communism and fascism -- which are all the same thing. Oh sure, the American Medical Association supports reform, but who says they're real doctors? I'll tell you who; the AMA, that's who.

In order to find real doctors, Angle turned to Doctors United Against Obamacare (Duaooooo!) and their Doctors' Tea Party in San Diego. The problem: only two San Diego doctors belong to Duaooooo! -- yes, there's a shortage of real doctors in San Diego.

Not to be deterred, Duaooooo! encouraged people to "wear lab coats to the event" -- the realness of their doctorhood be damned. Then Sharron got up to the lectern and hollered about Obama communism while lab-coated pretend-doctors hooted, after which "Angle fled from reporters... granting only the conservative web outlet PJTV an interview."

According to the report, Duaooooo! is actually a front group for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, "a far-right organization that propagates absurd anti-government conspiracy theories. The group has called the establishment of Medicare 'evil' and 'immoral'; has denied the link between HIV and AIDS; has argued that the FDA is unconstitutional; has promoted 'one of Angle's previously expressed theories that abortion may cause breast cancer'; and has even warned that President Obama may have used a 'covert form of hypnosis' to win over voters."

You know, real doctors. (Think Progress)

-Fuck you. Just. Fuck. You-
A sort of follow up to my morning post:

[Connecticut Post:]

About a dozen right-wing Christians, carrying placards and yelling "Islam is a lie," angrily confronted worshippers outside a Fairfield Avenue mosque Friday.

"Jesus hates Muslims," they screamed at worshippers arriving at the Masjid An-Noor mosque to prepare for the holy week of Ramadan. One protester shoved a placard at a group of young children leaving the mosque. "Murderers," he shouted...

"This is a war in America and we are taking it to the mosques around the country," he said.

I think I've made my counter-argument clear with the headline for this entry. (Right Wing Watch)

-Bonus HotD-
"Charge: Rand Paul tied up teammate, tried to 'force her to take bong hits'."

I think Rand's definition of "liberty" is identical to the Marquis DeSade's. (Politico)

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