News Roundup for 8/26/10

Stupid-looking guy drinking beer
Note to mosque-haters: try not to be such jackasses, OK?

-Headline of the Day-
"Drunk shouts 'terrorists,' urinates on mosque rugs."

Apparently, the new big, crazy fad among wingnuts is getting hammered and attacking Muslims. At least this guy didn't stab anyone, so there's that. I guess in this circle, that passes for restraint.

Anyhoo, this guy named Omar Rivera (I know!) decided that he'd had it with those damned Musselmen in Queens and he was going to do something about it. Not something constructive mind you, but something. So he went into a mosque during evening prayers, yelled "terrorists!" at the congregants, then took a whiz on their rugs.

"He stuck up his middle finger and cursed at everyone," Mustapha Sadouki told the New York Post. "He calls us terrorists, yet he comes into our mosque and terrorizes other people." According to the report, "Rivera has been charged with criminal trespassing." You think there'd be some sort of destruction of property or vandalism charges, but there no charges of criminal leakage. So I guess taking a piss on someone's rug is totally legal in NYC. Good to know.

Still, here's a tip for wingnuts: don't make these sort of decisions when you're smashed. Omar here will spend the rest of his life answering the question, "I see from your police record that you're an incredible asshole. Can you explain that?" at job interviews. This does not bode well for his future.

In fact, just to be on the safe side, don't make those kind of decisions at all. Just stop being an idiot. Do it now.

If America ever needed you not to be you, this would be that time. (MSNBC)

-Cartoon time with Mark Fiore-
Hey kids, wanna see a fairy tale? Well good, because Uncle Mark has one for us today! Yay!

Tax cut fairies
Click for animation

So what did we learn? The moral of this story is, "Shut up and eat your tax cut (assuming you have an income to tax)." (MarkFiore.com)

-Bonus HotD-
"New Reid ad: Sharron Angle is a dangerous maniac."

Score one for truth in advertising. (Plum Line, with video)

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