News Roundup for 8/3/10

Mel Gibson and ex-wife
Another relationship destroyed by the Homosexual Menace

-Headline of the day-
"Outlawing gay marriage will improve the economy, activist says."

It's like this; the Homosexual Agenda is out to destroy marriage and the family (Why? Don't ask me... 'cause they're evil, I guess), same-sex marriage is one way to do this (How? I'll get to that. Keep your pants on), and healthy, whole families are essential to the economy. So explained the National Organization for Marriage's Tamara Scott.

"It costs you, the taxpayer, as high as $280 billion a year for fragmented families, according to the Family Research Council," Scott told a crowd in Des Moines, who apparently didn't know that FRC is a BS factory. "If we would correct the breakdown of the family by 1 percent, we could save the taxpayer $3 billion a year." So no more of those fakey non-opposite marriages!

See, the way same-sex marriage destroys families works like this: imagine someone had a fish. Then imagine someone said that fish was their "pet." Now, imagine how that would completely destroy your relationship with your dog.

It's like that. (Washington Independent)

-While we're on the subject-
The newly reborn Futurama recently took on NOM's infamous "storm clouds" ad.

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"If robo-sexual marriage becomes legal, imagine the horrible things that will happen to our children. Then imagine we said those things... Since we couldn't think of any. As a mother, those things worry me." (Comedy Central)

-Bonus HotD-
"Beck: Unless America becomes 'libertarian,' it will be a 'Third World Country' like 'Latin America.'"

A word to the wise, don't take geography at Beck U. (Think Progress)

-Extra bonus fun-
Generally, the last thing I do when I'm writing a roundup is look up an image to use at the top. So I looked up "wall street banker jump window" (some joke about gay marriage being legal and bankers jumping out windows or something) and it turned up this:

Wall St protester sign -- JUMP! YOU FUCKERS!

My sentiments exactly... (Google Image Search)

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