News Roundup for 8/10/10

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No danger of teabaggers here

-Headline of the day-
"Tea Party 'Movment' Ready To Mov America Forward."

Teabaggers seem to have an almost phobic approach to spell-checking...

Banner: Maine Teaparty Movment - Have You Had Enough Yet?

...Actually yeah, I have had enough. You dumbasses can knock it off now. Bonus fun: the Maine Tea Party was recently stolen in a parking lot mugging.

No, really.

Yeah, these guys really have it together... (Wonkette)

-Yeah, I don't think I'll be listening to you-
Before going on summer recess, Congress has passed a $26 billion dollar jobs bill, intended to keep states from shedding employees and further driving down consumer demand. Of course, this was the worst thing ever.

"This is a bailout. This is another bailout... Let's not do this!" Indiana GOP Rep. Steve Buyer bellowed. "We're facing almost a $1.5 trillion budget deficit. America, please, please, wake up. And remember in November."

These are the same guys who think tax cuts for the rich should be extended, but not paid for. And that those tax cuts will magically raise revenues when they never have before. They also believe the unemployed cause unemployment, because the jobless are lazy. And that a fairy tale about a talking snake and a magic apple is a better explanation of things than the theory of evolution... And did I mention that the big new wingnut fad is denying the theory of relativity?

In short, these people are freakin' crazy. Remember in November. (Washington Post)

-Bonus HotD-
"Coal Barons At Industry Retreat Plot To Indoctrinate Children About Wonders Of Coal."

"Santa brought me a lump of coal... Yay!" (Think Progress)

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