News Roundup for 8/11/10

Defaced billboard
A very respectful act of vandalism

-Headline of the day-
"WaPo 'On Faith' editor called vandalism of atheist billboard 'clever and relatively respectful'."

Did you know the Washington Post had blogs? Oh yeah, lots of them. I mean, like a seriously insane amount of them. Just like normal blogs, these blogs often leak a little horsecrap, so someone's gotta keep tabs on them all. Someone like Media Matters for America, who detected this leakage.

Seems some atheists bought a billboard along a North Carolina highway named after Billy Graham. Some people didn't like this much, so they vandalized it. The billboard features the words "One Nation, Indivisible" against a flag backdrop and some (assumedly) Christian joker decided the words "Under God" needed to be included. So out came the spray paint.

Hahahaha! said On Faith editor David Waters. Sure showed them atheists a thing or two! Hahahahaha! The whole thing will have to be replaced, but that's OK because the vandalism was "clever and relatively respectful" -- I guess because the message spray-painted on the sign wasn't "GO TO HELL, ASSHOLES!" -- it was all classy and stuff. The group will have to "print an entirely new vinyl and then schedule a crane" to fix the defacement -- which you can't imagine will come cheap -- but that's what clever and respectful destruction of private property will get you. Can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

With this in mind, I plan to grab a few cans of Rust-Oleum, head down to the neighborhood church, and spray-paint "I DISAGREE!" across the front. I'm sure we'll all have a good laugh afterward and everyone will congratulate me on how respectful I was. (Media Matters)

-Innovative legislative groundbreaker-
Two guys are running to represent Pennsylvania in the US Senate, Republican Pat Toomey and Democrat Joe Sestak. And, as a Democrat, Sestak just wants to spend, spend, spend, spend. Just to do it, I guess, because that's what Democrats are all about.

Pat's the exact opposite and, to prove it, he told a little story to CNN's John King. "Now, when I was in the House, I -- frankly I opposed my party very often," he said. "I opposed President Bush when he wanted to expand and create a new entitlement program. I opposed that. I personally led a filibuster on the House floor against my own party because I thought they were intending to bust the budget and spend too much money. The record is very clear."

You know what the record is very clear on? The fact that there's no such thing as a filibuster in the House of Representatives. Toomey's filibuster never happened.

Which means that Pat Toomey is so against spending that he's willing to go back in time and change the very nature of reality to stop it!

That's what you call commitment. (Talking Points Memo, with video)

-Bonus HotD-
"Candidate who linked bike sharing with U.N. plot wins Colorado primary."

That's right, teabagger Dan Maes will go on to become governor and protect Colorado for the UN's nefarious plan for world domination through community bicycle programs.

Then again, probably not. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

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