News Roundup for 8/24/10

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John Boehner

-Headline of the Day-
"John Boehner Mocked His Deficit Reduction Plan Before He Proposed It."

Would-be house speaker and the nation's leading Orange-American John Boehner has a plan to fix the economy. Fire Obama's economic team and go back to what Bush was doing -- because that was working so well. "When Congress returns, we should force Washington to cut non-defense discretionary spending to 2008 levels -- before the 'stimulus' was put into place," he said in a speech today. "This would show Washington is ready to get serious about bringing down the deficits that threaten our economy." And bringing down deficits would help the economy how? I'm still waiting for someone to come up with an answer to that one. So far, no luck. It's not extremely clear how they "threaten our economy," either.

But here's the fun. This is John Boehner in January, when, according to the report, "President Obama proposed freezing non-defense discretionary spending in 2010 for three years, which would have brought it in line with 2008 levels."

"Given Washington Democrats' unprecedented spending binge," he said, "this is like announcing you're going on a diet after winning a pie-eating contest."

So, for the record, when the president proposes it, it's a ridiculous suggestion. When Boehner suggests it, it what "grownups" do.

Gotta love that consistency of reasoning. (The Atlantic)

-FOX News: Protecting America from FOX News-
Jon Stewart connects the dots in the "Ground Zero mosque" controversy and finds that the money trail leads to... FOX News!

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Why does FOX News hate America? (Comedy Central)

-Bonus HotD-
"John Stossel Wants To Save Us From The Government Tyranny That Is Traffic Lights."

You can't even parody the guy anymore. (Mediaite)

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