News Roundup for 2/8/10

Smoking train wreck
A glimpse at the future of the Palin '12 campaign

-Headline of the day-
"Obama would destroy Palin in hypothetical race, poll finds."

Yikes! In a match-up between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama, Sarah Palin wouldn't just lose, she'd probably die. Unless of course, "destroy" is just a figure of speech. A Marist poll [PDF] finds that in a three-way race between Obama, Palin, and NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg running as an Independent, Obama would dominate with 44%, Palin would be destroyed with 29%, and Bloomberg would be even more destroyed -- annihilated of vaporized or something -- with a mere 15% of the vote.

This runs counter to Palin's deeply considered punditry this weekend, when she told FOX News that the president would lose an election held today -- unless he started some crazy war with Iran. She also told Chris Wallace that she'd consider running against Obama.

I'm not sure I could take the carnage. (Raw Story)

-Haha! Obama, you dummy-
A lot of people were making fun of Sarah Palin this weekend, because she was ridiculing President Obama's use of teleprompters while keeping notes written on her hand.

Well she showed them. It was just more ridiculing of Obama! It took the geniuses at Fox & Friends -- the show that's such unbelievable bullshit that you wish there were a stronger word for bullshit -- to figure out what was really going on.

"I think she did it on purpose," said Gretchen Carlson. "I think she did it on purpose, yeah. Because it’s an exact opposite of reading off the teleprompter with a script written for you with every word in a sentence and here’s she’s just taking crib notes on her hand. It makes her look like she can just talk off the cuff and she just jotted down a few couple notes before she went out to give a big long speech."

Of course, she didn't use the notes during her speech, she used them during a Q&A session afterwards -- which means she couldn't remember the answers to questions she already knew she'd be asked.

So, not only is she making fun of Obama, but she's psychic, too. I can't believe F&F didn't bring that up. (Think Progress, with video)

-Bonus HotD-
"Return Of the Repressed? Birtherism, Homophobia, Racial Paranoia Rise To Surface At Tea Party Confab."

Golly, how startling. Wingnuts convention gives rise to wingnuttery. It defies imagination. (Talking Points Memo)

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