News Roundup for 2/17/10

Ted Nugent
Contrary to the beliefs of most conservatives, not a founding father

-Headline of the day-
"Puzzling new conservative manifesto."

Everyone knows that modern conservatives are the most patriotic people to ever walk the earth. That is, when they aren't claiming to be the most Christian people to ever walk the earth. They aren't just like the founders, they are the founders -- or, at least, their political heirs. Because overthrowing a monarchy and building the world's first representative democracy is such a conservative thing to do. Hell, if cloning wasn't devilry, they'd claim to be actual clones made from the genetic material found in various founders' stockings.

In celebration with their close association with and deep understanding of the founding fathers, conservatives including anti-tax organizer Grover Norquist, National Review editor Kathryn Jean Lopez and former Attorney General Ed Meese will release the "Mt. Vernon Statement" today, which is billed as a sort of manifesto... That is, as long as you define "manifesto" as a document in which no specific ideas are made manifest.

In it, they call for a return to constitutional principles, without actually pinning down what those principles are. It's a good trick, but any determined wingnut will find a way.

You know what would be crazy? Actually reading the constitution and checking off the parts you believe in. I think conservatives would be surprised at how there is in there that they hate. No wiretapping without warrants, no doing away with the writ of habeas corpus, no torture, no war without a declaration of war by the congress, the extension of rights to foreign citizens, a ban on indefinite detention, a separation of church and state, the right to file lawsuits, the ability of the government to regulate interstate commerce, etc.

No way in hell would any of these guys have written this document. I know it's fun to play dress up and pretend you're the founders, but you're not. And it's just sad when you start thinking you are. (Salon's War Room)

-Not exactly a cross-section-
The tea party movement is a grassroots collection of pissed off citizens of every race, color, creed, class, gender...

Pffft! I can't do this with a straight face. They're white and rich and male and -- if you can believe it -- college educated.

So says a new CNN poll [PDF] released today. And most -- 52% -- like to pretend they're Independents. I guess it's just a coincidence that these "independents" never voted for a liberal in their lives. 97% of Americans haven't given money to teabagger groups, 95% haven't attended a teabagger rally, and 92% have taken no action of any kind to support the movement.

It's a groundswell of citizen activism!

Pfft! (Talking Points Memo)

-Bonus HotD-
"Bayh: 'I Think The Filibuster Absolutely Needs To Be Changed.'"

Way to stick around and make sure that gets done, Evan. (Think Progress)

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