News Roundup for 2/23/10

Human spine
Look what Harry Reid found!

-Headline of the day-
"Harry Reid Says GOP Should 'Stop Crying' About Reconciliation."

Looks like someone's sat down with majority leader Harry Reid and explained to him what it means to have a huge majority in the senate, as well as a spine. While Republicans bitch and moan that Democrats are thinking about using budget reconciliation to pass a healthcare reform bill, Harry decided that it was time to set them straight.

"They should stop crying about reconciliation as if it's never been done before..." Reid said. "The question is: Is reconciliation the only way we can do health-care reform? The answer to that is no. But I've been told that my Republican friends are lamenting reconciliation, but I would recommend for them to go back and look at history."

"It's done almost every Congress, and they're the ones that used it more than anyone else," he said. So wah, wah, wah Republicans.

So who sat down with Reid and set him straight? I don't know.
But it clearly wasn't anyone at the White House. (CBS)

-Teabaggers get sandbagged-
Sen. Scott Brown is Thomas Jefferson reborn, Ronald Reagan reincarnated, and the Second Coming all wrapped up in one. After winning Ted Kennedy's old seat, Brown was the hero of the right and proof positive that teabaggers were about to take over the world and drive all the commies out of wherever it is commies hang out.

That all turned out to be a bunch of bullshit last night when Brown voted with Democrats to break a filibuster of the jobs bill. It was at this point that teabaggers on twitter and facebook went mental. "Recall Scott RINO Brown-just 'nother hack from Taxachusetts. Vote Tea Party!" twittlepates one bagger.

"Our massive support for #scottbrown will be non-existent in his re-election bid in 2012!" tweeterates another. They like their exclamation points.

His Facebook entry explaining the vote is getting bombarded with comments like "I think you're just trying to be popular in Washington. I will remove you as a Fan. Way to sell out the movement!" and "You sure made the left wing loons happy today. Anybody who thinks this will provide jobs has a BB for a brain."

Spoken like a man who knows what having a BB for a brain can do for you. I might feel sorry for these people if I really tried, but I don't feel much like trying. (CBS)

-Bonus HotD-
"The Right-Wing Backlash Against Glenn Beck: Stop Being A ‘Clown’ Who’s Trying To Divide Conservatives."

Yup. Hard to feel sorry for them... (Think Progress, with video)

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