News Roundup for 2/4/10

Sean Hannity bloviates
Always wrong

-Headline of the day-
"Hannity Claims Bush Never Played Golf During Wartime: He Was 'Far More In Touch' Than Obama."

This one's easy. Here's FOX News' Sean Hannity, pretending he speaks English and that he knows what the hell he's talking about:

George Bush who you worked for did not play golf while this country was at war. He didn’t want the families of loved ones serving, well, that they may have lost the loved ones seeing him on a golf course... He seemed to be far more in touch.

And here's George W. Bush:

Any questions? (Think Progress, YouTube)

-Maybe it's a secret-
Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is a rising star in the Republican Party -- w00t! Go cheeseheads! -- and the humble duty that's befallen him is to write up the GOP's alternative to President Obama's crazy Socialist budget. You might remember that Ryan was also the guy who was supposed to knock together an alternative healthcare reform proposal -- which is why the GOP doesn't actually have one of those.

So Paul knuckled down and slapped something together, using bits and pieces of discarded Republican ideas and discredited economic theories. The result? A nightmare of a budget that includes "privatizing and slashing Social Security and Medicare benefits" and carrying the deficit forward for 50 years.

Yay for fiscal sanity!

But don't worry, it turns out that Paulie's budget isn't actually a "budget" per se -- it's a "roadmap."

"Paul Ryan, who's the ranking member on our budget committee, has done an awful lot of work in putting together his roadmap," says John Boehner. "But it's his. And I know the Democrats are trying to say that it's the Republican leadership. But they know that's not the case." See, Boehner realizes that this roadget or budmap is a steaming pile, so he's trying to distance the party from it.

How will the real GOP budget be different? Well, turns out that's a mystery. Asked what parts of Ryan's budmap Boehner disagreed with, the orange man came up empty, saying "when you get to the details, that's where good, honest people have differences of opinion."

I think that means that the alternative budget proposal will be a lot like the alternative healthcare reform proposal; a cover sheet, an index page, and the words "OBAMA SUCKS!"

Other than that, I wouldn't expect a whole lot. (Talking Points Memo)

-Bonus HotD-
"Ouija board a controversial toy for tots."

Toys R Us is selling Ouija boards, which is the worst thing imaginable. They're evil, they're satanic, and these ones are pink -- which means they're probably Homosexual.

There is no hope for our nation now. (OneNewsNow, via Right Wing Watch)

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