News Roundup for 2/16/10

'Impeach Obama' billboard
Not that anyone's saying that Obama should be impeached

-Headline of the day-
"'Impeach Obama' billboard 'not meant to allege any impeachable offense.'"

As a Wisconsinite, I think I might've mentioned once or twice that there are a lot of lunatics up around the Fox River Valley. Not that everyone up around Green Bay is a nut, they just have more than their fair share. One such squirrelly cheesehead is Tom Wroblewski, an attorney for a bunch of other squirrelly cheeseheads.

Wroblewski, who according the the report is the representative of an "unnamed company," explains an "IMPEACH OBAMA!" billboard on highway 41 that same company put up isn't meant to suggest that anyone ought to impeach Obama.

"The company (that paid for the billboard) is supported by a number of area businessmen who are concerned about tax and spend politics," Tom told a local newspaper. "The billboard is not meant to allege any impeachable offense has been committed; It is simply an expression of frustration by my client that politics in Washington should change to better support small businesses."

You know, if that's actually the case, wouldn't different wording be a little better? You know, "GET MAD AT OBAMA!" or "EXPRESS THE FRUSTRATION OF MY CLIENTS THAT POLITICS IN WASHINGTON SHOULD CHANGE TO BETTER SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES!" or "OBAMA SUCKS!"

Just a thought. (Think Progress)

-News you couldn't possibly use-
FOX News has their finger on the pulse of the nation. They know the big, burning questions that keep us up late a night. They know what the folks are really worried about. And now -- finally -- we'll learn the answer to the question that's been haunting us all.

How many times does Barack Obama use the word "I" in speeches?

FOX explains, "Much attention has been given to President Obama's persistent use of 'I' when giving speeches to sell his administration's agenda. Is he taking responsibility -- or, as his critics say, is he still in campaign mode? FoxNews.com is tracking the president's speeches all this month and will report back after each to see whether The 'I's' Have It."

No, really.

Anyway, I guess that saying "I" when you're talking about stuff you want to do is the worst thing ever. Which is bad news for Republicans. Blogger Mark Liber did some figuring (which we'll skip) and found that the president uses "I" and variations there-of at a rate of 1.29 per hundred words.

In her "Let's all hate Obama!" speech to teabaggers recently, Sarah Palin hit a "ate of 1.69 per hundred, or about 31% more I-fulness than Obama."

John Boehner's recent speeches scored him a "a rate of 1.996 per 100, which is about 55% more ego-referential than Obama's DNC speech."

But Obama's the one with the big head, always "me, me, me," so that's what FOX News will track.

Because someone, somewhere gives a fuck. (Huffington Post)

-Bonus HotD-
"Beck's plan for captured Taliban leader: 'Shoot him in the head.'"

I wish Glenn would make up that snakepit he calls a mind. Aren't we supposed to torture these guys? Now he wants to shoot them before we even interrogate them. Actually, one of the friends on Fox & Friends -- a show that's such unbelievable bullshit that you wish there was a stronger word for bullshit -- brought that up. So Beck fixed his answer right pronto.

"If I were in charge, we'd be interrogating him," Beck replied. "And we'd interrogate him, and interrogate him, and interrogate him and then we'd shoot him in the head... Shoot him in the head before we all of a sudden release him into, what? Primary schools in New York City? What are we going to do with this guy?"

Yeah, they're going to release in into the New York City Public School system. Holy crap, is this guy ever a freakin' loon... (Raw Story)

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