News Roundup for 11/3/09

The puppets from Sesame Street
Nothing but a bunch of terr'ist-sympathizin' commies

-Headline of the day-
"'Sesame Street' Trashes Fox News."

Actually, it's more like an example of just how paranoid, defensive, and crazy the right has become. See, Barack Obama's White House has been critical of FOX News... Which is exactly the same thing as censorship. That's why FOX isn't on anymore.

Anyway, since PBS is the government-sponsored network and since Sesame Street is on PBS, it just stands to reason that the puppet show would indoctrinate kids in the finer points of FOX-hating. According to the report, "Last week, in a re-broadcast of an episode that originally aired two years ago, Oscar starts his own news network, GNN (Grouchy News Network). An irate viewer calls in to berate him that the news is not grouchy enough..." Click the image to see for yourself:

Sesame Street clip

It gets worse; "Later in the episode, Anderson Cooper from 4th place CNN, guest stars as a reporter for GNN. He interacts with 'Walter Cranky' and 'Dan Rather-Not' -— Muppets representing real-life liberal news personalities —- and they talk about 'Meredith Beware-a' and 'Diane Spoiler,'" we're told. "But no affectionate nicknames for Fox News personalities; no Spill O’Reilly or Brittle Hume -— nope, and the only disparaging characterization of real-world news is reserved for Fox: Fox is a POX. It is trashy. They didn’t even attempt to try 'MessyNBC.'"

OK, I know what you're thinking; this is stupid. In order to get kids to stop watching FOX -- which the Sesame Street audience totally does -- Barack HUSSEIN Obama sent a writer back two years in a time machine to make up a screwy network for a trash-obsessed puppet to mention for like a second.

It's diabolical!

This is the stuff that keeps wingnuts up late at night, fuming at the liberal media elites.

Fuck me, but I'm glad I'm not this loopy. (Big Hollywood)

Today is election day in a handful of states. Some of these you should care about, some of them you shouldn't. In general, use this rule of thumb; if the media's drooling over it, it don't mean jack, and if the media's ignoring it, it's pretty important.

What is an election day good for, other than all that democracy stuff? House minority leader John Boehner seems to believe that this would be an excellent time to serve up a bunch of warmed-over, moldy crap from the back of the GOP's fridge. This is otherwise known as the Amendment in the Nature of a Substitute Offered By Mr. Boehner of Ohio [PDF] or the long-awaited Republican Alternative Healthcare Plan.

"Even though Halloween is safely past, the health bill House Republicans plan to offer as an alternative to the Democrats' proposal is creeping up on us with a strong feeling of deja vu," writes NPR's April Fulton. "That's because the 230-page draft contains a laundry list of material the GOP has trotted out for years but has never quite gotten through Congress."

You got your tort reform, your deregulation in the form of allowing insurers to sell across state lines, and you've got your insurance pools. It's a Frankenstein of a bill, put together from the pieces of dead bills before it. A mindless, shambling conglomerate of rejected ideas dug up from the legislative boneyard.

Keep in mind we've been waiting for this since March. Seems to me you could throw this together over the weekend. I'm not really clear on what the hell the holdup was.

Anyway, pay no attention to the animated corpse the orange man just rolled out. Watch NY-23 -- where a Democrat hasn't been elected in more than 70 elections -- to see if the Democrat loses. If he does, than that means Obama is a failed president.

The media knows what you should be paying attention to. Look at the shiny election. (National Public Radio)

-Bonus HotD-
"Despite Rhetoric About Preexisting Conditions, Boehner’s Health Care Plan Doesn't Bar Denials."

Yeah. And then there's that... (Think Progress)

-The "thinker" part is a little overstated-
One of the teabaggers' favorite sites, the ironically named "American Thinker," comes to the defense of Rush Limbaugh. See, it was a terrible thing to block Rush from buying a football team, just because he's racist.

See, the racists are right. "I truly believe that this [objection to Limbaugh's racism] is brought on by what I call the Minority Thought Pattern. Let's not mince words: the Minority Thought Pattern is the total disdain and hatred of what God has accomplished through the white male throughout history," writes Ken Hutcherson. "Coming from an African-American, I know this will shock you."

Nothing from wingnuts shocks me. See, it works this way. White people got to America first -- this is true despite the fact that there were already people here. God decided that America would be his country -- fuck Israel, what was He thinking? -- and worked through the white men to make the Greatest Nation Ever. People who don't see this as the obvious fact it is are commies and hate Rush Limbaugh -- and probably Jesus.

Teabags forever! w00t! (American Thinker, via Right Wing Watch)

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