Right Thanks Bush for Killing Bin Laden

George W. Bush, who is perfect in every way, finally killed Osama Bin Laden. You'd think that the killing of America's most wanted terrorist under the supervision of President Obama -- who the farthest right would have you believe is a terrorist mastermind himself -- would present a bit of a problem for wingnuts. I know I did, but I underestimated their creativity.

The comment above comes from Jim Hoft's unfortunate Gateway Pundit blog, which announced the death of Bin Laden with as little mention of President Obama as possible. "How long till Obama takes credit...5, 4,3,2,..." asks another commenter. "I think it took a week to confirm and for Obama to stop crying that his homey is dead."

Not to be outdone, rightwing nutjob Hugh Hewitt manages to report the death of Osama Bin Laden without mentioning that Obama guy at all, other than a reference to the "White House" in a blockquote from the New York Times. GWB makes an appearance, though.

Here's George W. Bush on the super-important mission of taking down Osama Bin Laden:

"I don't know where he is... I truly am not that concerned with him." It's that laser-like focus (some would call it an obsession) that drove the former president to come out of retirement, hop a plane to Pakistan, and shoot Bin Laden himself.

Fun fact: it was exactly eight years ago yesterday that Bush declared "Mission accomplished" in Iraq. This is the guy the right believes deserves all the credit. After all, it was Dubs who said he wanted OBL "dead or alive."

But here's another fun fact: it's impossible to imagine a president reacting to 9/11 in any other way. "We gotta get this Bin Laden guy" would be the gist of any post-strike policy -- man commits crime, goes fugitive, cops go after him. Can you really imagine any president saying anything else? Yet it's seen as a sign of brilliance that George W. Bush announced the most predictable policy in the world. If it weren't for him, this Obama guy never would've thought of it.

Of course, this will go on until the right realizes they've got a new conspiracy theory to replace birtherism. It'll be the new Elvisism, where Bin Laden is spotted all over the world, not dead, because President Obama only pretended to bring him down in order to boost his reelection odds.

The only real mystery is in how they'll manage to keep giving Bush credit for the kill.


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