News Roundup for 5/9/11

Koch brothers
A couple of commie treehuggers

-Headline of the day-
"Lawsuit against Koch Industries press release parody dismissed."

The Koch brothers are just two secretive billionaires who are trying to use wealth to dominate the American political landscape and produce Koch-friendly legislation -- is that so wrong?

Apparently, a group of anonymous environmentalists think so. Mostly because they hate America. These radical leftists sent out a hoax press release in the name of Koch Industries to major news outlets and this is just the worst thing ever.

"This lawsuit was filed because the integrity of our computer systems and our valuable intellectual property was compromised and used without permission, in violation of the terms of service and federal law," the company said.

So, what libelous, awful, insulting lie were the treehuggers spreading? According to the report, the suit was "against a group of anonymous environmentalists who created a satirical press release claiming that Koch Industries would help fight climate change."

Koch Industries giving a fuck about the environment? That's a filthy lie and you take it back, you hippies! (Raw Story)

-And the "situation room meme photo manip" prize goes to...-

White House staff dressed as superheroes
Click for larger image

It's mostly Joe Biden as the Flash that does it for me.(Rezinnaise)

-Bonus HotD-
"Trump's TV Ratings Way Down."

Man, this publicity stunt isn't working out at all th way he'd planned... (Political Wire)

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