News Roundup for 5/6/11

The So-Called "Earth"

-Headline of the day-
"Pawlenty: 'I'm Sorry' I Once Cared About Climate."

Former Republican Governor of Minnesota Tim Pawlenty was forced to apologize at the first GOP presidential debate. His sin? Accepting reality, which is strictly verboten. Republicans are all visionaries and Utopians now, there is no place for reality within the party.

See, not only did T-Paw once sweat this "global warming" mumbo jumbo, he actually endorsed a solution to it -- the horrible, untried communist plot that is known as "cap and trade."

"I've said I was wrong. It was a mistake, and I'm sorry," Pawlenty said of his dalliance with the real world. "You're going to have a few clunkers in your record, and we all do, and that's one of mine. I just admit it. I don't try to duck it, bob it, weave it, try to explain it away. I'm just telling you, I made a mistake."

So how did everyone else do? Not very well. Some big names skipped out on the debate, leaving only the desperate and the overly-insane candidates. They couldn't even get Trump to show -- even after making it lear there'd be cameras. "As we all know, there are numerous other candidates that are looking at [seeking the nomination]," said RNC Chair Reince Priebus, "and thank God." (Mother Jones)

-Public health alert-
A new symptom has been discovered indicating Obama Derangement Syndrome...

Man with blindfold labelled 'hate' denying Obama deserves credit for taking down bin Laden

...hysterical blindness. (Truthdig)

-Bonus HotD-
"Tim Pawlenty: I'm Not Going To Be The Loudest, Most Extreme Or Craziest Person In Race."

Translation: "I intend to lose." (Mediaite)

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