News Roundup for 5/17/11

The next President of the United States

-Headline of the day-
"Kucinich would beat Palin, Trump in hypothetical races: Poll."

Sure, Donald Trump dropped out, but a poll was in the field while he was still a maybe-candidate and it shows that The Donald quit while the quitting was good. Sarah Palin, a consumate quitter herself, might consider following Don's example.

A Public Policy Polling survey [pdf] put the two potential candidates up against Dennis Kucinich -- the longest of Democratic long shots -- in head-to-head matches to see how things would turn out. For Trump and Palin, the turning out was not well.

According to the report, "The outspoken anti-war liberal would rout Palin by 43 to 36 percent, and beat Trump 40 to 36 percent," with the rest undecided because they didn't know who the hell this "Dennis Kucinich" guy was.

Run Sarah, run! (Raw Story)

-Cartoon time with Mark Fiore-
Hey kids, we didn't get to visit with Uncle Mark last week because the internet broke. So here he is today! Yay!

And we're going to learn how well torture works.

You're welcome
Click for animation

It actually doesn't work very well... (MarkFiore.com)

-Bonus HotD-
"Constituents Laugh At GOP Rep. Quayle For Denying Existence Of Billions In Special Oil Subsidies."

Dan Quayle's son Ben continues the family tradition of being idiots. (ThinkProgress)

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