News Roundup for 5/2/11

Trump's hair stands on end
Trump reacts to the news of Bin Laden's death

-Headline of the day-
"Donald Trump Congratulates Obama On Osama Bin Laden Killing, Asks For End To 'Party Politics' Debate For 'Next Several Days'."

After President Obama announced the death of Osama Bin Laden, Donald Trump -- like many other GOP candidates -- saw the road to the White House get really rocky, really fast. No one on Earth believes that Obama isn't going to have rock star approval ratings in the next round of polling.

So what a perfect time to put all this ugly campaigning on hold. "I am so proud to see Americans standing shoulder to shoulder, waving the American flag in celebration of this great victory," Trump said. "We should spend the next several days not debating party politics, but in remembrance of those who lost their lives on 9/11 and those currently fighting for our freedom. God Bless America!"

Yes, let's wait until his polling numbers fall back to Earth and then engage him in a popularity contest. (ABC News)

-And the internet chimes in...-
Get used to it, because you're probably going to be seeing a lot of this stuff.

Caption: Here's my birth certificate. Here's Osama bin Laden. Anything else I can get you motherfuckers?

When you stop seeing it, that'll be just about the time Donald Trump will want to "debate party politics" again. (Reddit)

-Bonus HotD-
"Can We Stop Questioning Obama's Legitimacy Now?"

Bush speechwriter David Frum wants to know.

I'm guessing the answer's going to be "no." (FrumForum)

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