News Roundup for 3/28/11

Reddit alien
Only porn-addicted commies know what any of this means

-Headline of the day-
"Are Your Kids Reading Reddit.com & Should You Be Worried?"

Glenn Beck's fake-news site, The Daily Blaze, asks those two questions and can only answer one; YES, YOU SHOULD BE AFRAID! FREAK OUT! FREAK OUT!!

See, Reddit is "part news aggregator, part message board, and it's driven by viewer-posted content. Innocent enough. Until you realize it also features porn."

Oh my God... Porn... On the internet. Sweet Jesus...

Of course, this makes it like pretty much every social bookmarking site. So what makes Reddit stand out for DB scrutiny? If you read through the report, nothing really. There are some porny subreddits you can subscribe to or not subscribe to -- nothing's forced on anyone and, if you want to find them, you've really got to look. Mostly it's goofy photos of cats and complaints about AT&T's bandwidth caps.

Wait, did I mention that Reddit is overwhelmingly liberal or left-leaning? Yeah, here's the front page of the politics subreddit, which ought to give you an idea what sort of a problem Beck's site might really have with Reddit. It's all "Yay for Wikileaks" and "war sucks" and "rich people aren't taxed enough" and "Glenn Beck's squirrelly."

"Could it be time to add it to your list of blocked sites?" asks concern troll DB. "Or, is it just free speech at work?"

I vote the latter and suspect that's Beck's problem with it. Why knock yourself out fighting for censorship when you can convince gullible morons to do all the censoring for you? (Daily Blaze, via porn-riddled Reddit)

-Trapped in the narrative-
When Republicans won big last year, the media was all like "everyone wants to cut spending big time!" Never mind that polls show people want jobs and Republican candidates promised jobs -- Republicans are cutting spending, Republicans won, and that means everyone is supposed to want to cut spending. Except they don't.

This is confusing if you're a media type.

Which describes Alexander Burns over at Politico. Burns writes that you've got all these Republican governors going crazy with the spending cuts and -- WTF? -- nobody likes it. Their polling numbers are crashing and, in places like Wisconsin, everyone's all "recall those bastards!" Seriously, what gives?

So Burns talked to a bunch of Republicans (because they're the only serious people on the planet) and it turns out that voters are just crazy and we don't know what they want. Sure, GOP governors are taking a whole bunch of stuff away from us, while handing over the keys to the bank to corporations and the wealthy, but that's just what serious budget-cutting looks like. Really, it's all just belly-aching and people will come around. Don't you worry.

"The gist of the piece is that 'we' all agree that the message of the 2010 election was that the public has decided that government is too big and wants dramatic budget cuts," comments Josh Marshall. "But now it seems like the governors who are really going whole hog on this -- overwhelming Republicans -- are getting really unpopular. Ergo, the public isn't really ready for the 'grown-up conversation' about budgets that it seemed they might be."

The problem isn't that Republicans aren't listening to constituents -- although, they aren't. The problem is that constituents aren't listening to the governors. Until voters are eager to hand over their wallets to insanely rich people, voters aren't really serious about deficits. (Politico)

-Bonus HotD-
"After ThinkProgress Video Stokes Controversy, Herman Cain Disavows Pledge Not To Appoint Muslims."

That's what you like about Republicans: they have the courage it takes to stand by their convictions -- until those convictions prove unpopular.

Then they never held those convictions at all. (ThinkProgress, with video)

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