News Roundup for 3/2/11

Movie poster for Total Recall
Stranger things have happened

-Headline of the day-
"Breaking: Wisconsin Dems throw their weight behind drive to recall GOP Senators."

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's plan to bust public sector unions in his state has hit a little snag -- turns out no one other than Republicans are for it. In a state where pretty everyone is an independent, because of the open primary, this poses a bit of a problem.

Call it "the danger of living inside an echo chamber" -- everyone Republicans talked to hated unions, everyone they talked to thought it would be a great idea to get rid off them, so they thought everyone agreed with them. But it turns out that Republicans an an insular little bunch and they must not get out much. Polling shows people don't like the idea much and that Scott Walker would lose the election if it were held today.

Good news for Scooter -- the election won't be held today. Wisconsin law includes a provision that allows a new guv a year to settle in. See, no one gets the hang of this stuff right off the bat and it's probably a little unfair to recall someone simply because they fell on their face right out of the gate. This is Wisconsin. We're nice. You get right back on that horse, Scooter, and you try that again (God bless his little heart, but he's tryin' doncha know).

Bad news for a bunch of other Republicans -- they've been around long enough that they oughta know better. And they can be recalled. Which could conceivably switch control of the state senate (the assembly's probably a lost cause right now). And, even if they don't, it might get some of them to get on the same side as their voters.

See, a recall election is an honest-to-goodness election -- complete with expensive campaigning. Even if they survive the race, they'd be hamstrung going into the regular election cycle from having already spent cash in the recall. And this becomes more true the tighter the race gets. So of course a recall election is a great time to aim that campaign bus straight down the middle of the road and play Mr. Reasonable I'm-Not-An-Extremist-This-Whole-Recall-Thing-Is-Crazy Guy. Wisconsinites (that's what we call ourselves. (No, really! It sounds like a rock, I know)) can expect to see a lot of "I reached across the aisle and worked to put an end to the partisan bickering in Madison" ads in the coming months, because a lot of these recall petitions are so going to get enough signatures.

Which is why the Democrats hopped on board. When Senator Reasonable reaches across the aisle, he'll be reaching toward them. (Plum Line)

-And it was cold!-
Since the Governor won't let the people in the Capitol (in defiance of a court order), a Democratic Rep does the people's business outside:

Do not ever doubt that people in Wisconsin are hardcore. (Twitpic, via @bluecheddar1)

-Bonus HotD-
"There Are Now TWO Fetuses Testifying In Ohio, and They Have a Music Video."

Just when you thought things couldn't get any stupider... (Wonkette, with video)

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