News Roundup for 3/22/11

Movie still of cheesy monster rising from ocean
Return of the Oil Monster

-Headline of the day-
"Oil Spill Washes Up On Louisiana Coast As New Drilling Authorized."

According to the report, "emulsified oil, oil mousse and tar balls from an unknown source were washing up on beaches from Grand Isle to West Timbalier Island along the Gulf of Mexico, a stretch of about 30 miles." Wait, "oil mousse" is a thing?

This follows an earlier report that what appeared to be an oil plume -- coincidentally 30 miles long -- was spotted in the Gulf of Mexico. But don't worry, said the Coast Guard, it was just "goop" kicked up by dredging and that no one should worry about it. They say they tested the plume and found "only trace amounts of petroleum that were well below the state of Louisiana's standard for clean water."

"Goop" is apparently also a thing.

So, is it oil or isn't it? If it isn't, then where did all this oil mousse come from?

Whatever... Spill baby, spill! (ThinkProgress)

-Like we don't have enough to worry about-
Super-ultra-mega-church pastor and general all-around rightwing nutjob Rick Joyner has a warning for America -- the earthquake in Japan will "unleash demonic Nazism" on us.

See, it works like this: "the demonic principalities responsible for Nazism in Germany were going to attempt to take over the United States and, according to the prophetic visions of Joyner and others, it would happen amid a massive economic collapse that would start with an earthquake in Japan. As such, given the devastation caused by this earthquake, Japan will need to call in the American debt to rebuild their nation, unleashing an economic catastrophe in the US and thereby opening the door for this demonic Nazi force to take root."

Yeah, absolutely none of that made any damned sense to me, either. But don't worry, when none of this stuff actually happens, his flock won't notice. Followers of con men never do. (Right Wing Watch, with video)

-Bonus HotD-
"Sexism Is Alive And Well At National Review."

And that's the least surprising item of the day... (Media Matters)

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