News Roundup for 3/15/11

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I've got bad news for you, pal...

-Headline of the day-
"ABC-Washington Post Poll: 64% of Americans Favor Tax Increases to Trim Deficit."

Americans want to cut, cut, cut. Cut Social Security and Medicare, slash spending on education, slice Planned Parenthood to the bone - cut, cut, cut, cut, cut! And none of this "tax the rich" class warfare stuff either. Americans want to cut!

Except, they don't. They want some of that commie "tax the rich" class warfare stuff.

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll [pdf] shows that nearly two-thirds of Americans want to increase taxes on the rich. While the poll shows some appetite for spending cuts, it also finds that a "substantial 64 percent say the best way to trim the deficit is with a combination of spending cuts and tax increases, rather than just cutting spending (31 percent, down 5 points from December) or only raising taxes (3 percent)."

And Republicans ain't doing so well either. 46% say they trust Obama on the recovery more than Republicans, while only 34% hold the opposite opinion. Worse, among those who believe the economy is in recovery, only 6% credit Republicans for it.

And those cuts everyone wants? Where do they come from? While this poll doesn't address that question, an earlier Ipsos poll did -- people want to cut defense spending.

So there you go: tax the rich, pass a peacenik budget, GOP economics suck. Looks like, just a few months after the big Republican win in November, the GOP has managed to turn Americans into a bunch of commies. (Firedoglake)

-Cheddar rebellion update-
Hey, how's that whole recalling your insane GOP state senators thing going in Wisconsin, you ask?

Very well. How kind of you to inquire. And how is your Aunt Rosamunde? Well, I hope? Good, good.

Anyway, a new Public Policy Polling survey finds that, of the eight Republicans eligible for recall, three would go down today to a generic Democrat. That's right, voters would rather buy a pig in a poke than reelect Luther Olson, Dan Kapanke, or Randy Hopper. And, while the margin of error isn't mentioned in the report, two other GOPers only beat an unnamed dem by four points or less. So those are looking pretty darned doable at this point.

As a side note, I propose we start calling Dan Kapanke "Dan Hanky-Kapanke," since he's been kicked out of his house and is living in Madison with his mistress now. Even his wife wants to recall him. Seriously, that story can't help him any.

So, how many seats would Democrats have to take to turn over the senate?

Three. Thank you for asking. You really are most kind today. (Daily Kos)

-Bonus HotD-
"Snake dies from silicone poisoning after biting model's breast during photoshoot."

A lesson for us all. (Daily Mail)

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