News Roundup for 6/8/10

Man being waterboarded
Not an impeachable offense

-Headline of the day-
"Poll finds nobody cares about job offer 'scandal.'"

You know how the Obama administration has offered positions to people to keep them out of primaries against Democrats and that this is the worst thing ever? Yeah, it turns out that people don't see it that way. Maybe it's because of all the commie fluoride in the water or something, but we seem to be greeting this huge, groundbreaking scandal with a yawn.

According to the report, "Voters express only modest concern and hardly any surprise about the secret job offers made by the Obama White House to Democratic politicians in Colorado and Pennsylvania in hopes of getting them to drop their primary challenges of incumbent senators..." Only 19% believe this is something to get worked up over. I'm guessing it's the same one-fifth of Americans who think George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were awesome. You know, real Americans.

Even worse, it's a Rasmussen poll, which means all the other liberal pollsters will put that number lower, because Rasmussen tends to skew right... I mean, tends to be true, true, true!

C'mon people, wake up! When a president does something that every other president since George Washington has done, he must be impeached!

And when a president starts a needless war, throws people into concentration camps, tortures them, listens in on Americans' phone calls and reads their emails, and leaves the economy a smoldering wreck, that president deserves a freakin' medal.

So says the 19%. (Plum Line)

-A brief history of the Deepwater Horizon disaster-
Just a quick recap, for those of you who need to play catch-up.

It's a lot easier to take when Tony Hayward is adorable, isn't it? (Youtube, via Informed Comment)

-Bonus HotD-
"Blackwater Gets Into The Retail And Merchandising Game."

Crazy-assed uber-Christian mercenary company Blackwater -- now Xe or something -- is opening up a chain of stores selling crap with "Blackwater" plastered all over it. Want a beer cozy? They got it. T-shirt? Yup. Keychain? They got plenty. Assault rifle? Bingo.

Ok, so that's the bad news. I'm guessing these stores will become protest central and may be remembered as the worst branding effort in marketing history. The good news is that this is probably going to be the only thing they'll be doing from now on. Blackwater is up for sale.

Anybody out there want to buy a bunch of shortfused Dominionist crazies with guns?

Yeah, me neither. (Talking Points Memo)

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