News Roundup for 6/11/10

Beck crying
Nazi-hating Nazi-lover

-Headline of the day-
"Israeli Gov. Promotes Glenn Beck's Gaza Flotilla Screed."

When they started getting criticism for attacking an aid ship headed for Gaza, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs first brilliant media strategy was to yell at people on twitter. To everyone's surprise, this turned out to be ineffective, so they came up with a new strategy; suggested reading. If that doesn't work, they'll figure out some way to make it mandatory.

One little problem: on the list is serial Godwin violator Glenn Beck who, despite all his crying and wild theorizing about how Nazis are taking over because they're socialist (yeah, I know), has himself a little soft-spot for actual Nazis. Earlier this month, Glenn promoted The Red Network: A "Who's Who" and Handbook of Radicalism for Patriots by Elizabeth Dilling. The book is riddled with antisemitism and racism -- mostly because she was an honest-to-goodness American Nazi.

"Apparently Israel's department of hasbara does not realize that Beck is looked at by everyone but the most ardent members of the Tea Party movement as a conspiratorial, racist demagogue with no credibility," writes Max Blumenthal.

Or maybe they don't care. Defenders of Israel's action are getting fewer and fewer and it may be that they can't afford to cherrypick the ones who aren't demonstrably squirrelly.

When the best argument you can come up with is, "well Glenn Beck likes it," you've lost the argument. (Max Blumenthal)

-And so freedom dies...-
Yesterday was a sad, sad day for America, as the Light of Liberty was snuffed out and we were robbed of our God-given right to emit as much carbon dioxide as we want, which is what the Founders intended. Last night, the Senate voted down an amendment by Lisa Murkowski (R-OIL), that would've barred the EPA from limiting greenhouse gases.

And no one understands the tremendous loss better than Kevin Mooney, this guy who wrote a thing for American Spectator. If the weiner factory down the street can't fart out as much CO2 as it feels like, we "dishonor veterans" -- somehow. That part isn't exactly clear. See, that's from the headline, but the article doesn't say anything about it.

Still, there's this: "American freedom suffered a terrible setback today that desperately calls out for a constitutional revival. It will take forceful leadership to restore our nation's elected branches back to their proper station. As Democracy gains ground in the Middle East thanks to perseverance of U.S. soldiers, it is ironic to see it lose ground here at home." Seems like there should be some sort of an argument linking the veterans in the headline to the soldiers in the close, but there's not. He just throws them on top of the whole thing like ketchup on fries.

Not that no one is willing to cook up that argument for him. As one commenter to Mooney's piece puts it, "They're fighting for clean air over there so that we don't have to have it over here."

Amen, brother. (American Spectator, via Wonkette)

-Bonus HotD-
"Pelosi: We'll stop blaming Bush when Bush's 'problems go away.'"

That's probably going to take a while... Say, didn't you have a chance to impeach Bush, Nancy?

Seems to me you kinda did. (Raw Story)

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