News Roundup for 6/14/10

Oil tanker
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-Headline of the day-
"Under pressure, BP suddenly finds 'quicker' solution."

On the eve of President Obama's first address from the Oval Office and under intense pressure from the United States government to get their ass in gear, BP has "suddenly" come up with a way to catch a whole bunch more oil.

"After being directed by the administration to move more quickly, BP is now stepping up its efforts to contain the leaking oil," an unnamed US official told Agence France-Presse. "They have now outlined a path to contain more than 50,000 barrels of oil per day by the end of June, two weeks earlier than they originally suggested."

According to the report, "BP outlined plans to bring a vessel for producing and storing oil from South America, two additional tankers from Europe and a 3,800-foot, six-inch flexible pipe from Brazil to reinforce the existing efforts to suck up crude from the leaking well." Yay!

But BP said that the numbers "represent installed design capacities and any unplanned events will impact actual delivery." So there's that. It could be that BP's just throwing out wildly optimistic numbers to take the heat off for a bit and that later numbers will be less than stellar.

But really, when has that ever happened before? (Agence France-Presse)

BP's call center is staffed 24/7, ready to hear your ideas, offer a shoulder to cry on, or just take the heaps of abuse some idiots in suits have coming.

I guess the good news is that you aren't sent to a call center in India. That said, don't call up BP and yell at them about not paying any attention to phone calls, because...

Well, think about it. (Think Progress)

-Bonus HotD-
"Sharron Angle: Sen. Harry Reid 'waterboarded' economy."

Crazy desert hobo Sharron Angle is running against Harry Reid for Senate and told Fox and Friends -- the show that's such amazing bullshit that you wish there were a stronger word for bullshit -- that Reid had "waterboarded" the US economy.

This, following wingnut teabagger logic, would make him a hero. (Politico)

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