News Roundup for 10/8/09

Man wearing tinfoil hat
Floyd Brown

-Headline of the day-
"Impeachment suggested to remove 'threats' to America."

"Make no mistake," we're warned. "We're now in the middle of a bloodless coup -- the takeover of an entire nation by the hate-America crowd -- a cold-blooded gang that despises America's prosperity, our standing in the world, our trust in God and our generosity and goodness."

Yikes! What's this threat to "our generosity and goodness?" Fixing the economy that Republicans screwed up and giving people healthcare. I guess these are neither generous nor good. My dictionary must be defective.

Who's warning us about the evils of a healthy and prosperous nation? Why it's Floyd Brown, the soulless propagandist behind the infamous "Willie Horton" ad. So you know this is absolute Gospel.

"Like so many on the far-left before him, going all the way back to Karl Marx, he [Obama] believes that it's his mission to promote 'equality of outcome' over 'equality of opportunity' even if Americans must learn to live in chains to make it happen," Brown says. "That worldview makes Barack Hussein Obama a very dangerous man and one of the greatest threats to your personal liberty today."

Wow! So what can we do about this? Impeach Barack HUSSEIN Obama, of course. But, right now, the list of offenses don't look very impeachable. For example, Obama "lied to the American people when he said people could keep private insurance, knowing full well that his legislation would inevitably drive private insurers out of business." That's actually a matter of opinion... And poorly informed opinion at that. Other offenses include saying the US isn't a constitutionally Christian nation, not being nice enough to the Monarch of England (which the founders undoubtedly would've demanded), and being too nice to Muslims, who are all evil.

Still, it's a start. Obama's a commie and a secret Muslim terr'ist illegal alien (charge #7: "Obama has consistently refused to approve the release of his actual birth certificate, college transcripts and his medical records"), so he's gotta go.

So who is it giving this frootloop the time of day? Did I mention that the story is breathlessly reported by WingNutDaily?

Yeah, that explains everything. (WorldNetDaily, via Right Wing Watch)

-Cartoon time with Mark Fiore-
Hey kids, how can ACORN keep it's federal funding?

ACORN logo with gunsight and bullet holes
Click for animation

Remember, giving bad tax advice is the worst thing ever. But being a trigger-happy mercenary force is super-patriotic! Bonus: you can get away with a lot more... (MarkFiore.com, with special guest Matt Bors of MattBors.com)

-Antonin Scalia, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, asks a really stupid question-
In hearing the case Salazar vs. Buono, which involves the erection (hey, don't laugh) of a cross as a WWI memorial in the Mojave National Preserve, Nino Scalia showed his keen understanding of and sensitivity to the diversity of religion in these United States.

When an ACLU lawyer argued that perhaps some symbol more inclusive -- like a "statue of a soldier which would honor all of the people who fought for America in World War I and not just the Christians" -- would be better, Scalia said what is probably the dumbest thing any Supreme Court Justice has ever said in the history of Supreme Court Justices saying things.

"The cross doesn't honor non-Christians who fought in the war?"

No Tony. Not so much. (Wonkette)

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