News Roundup for 10/27/09

Uncle Pennybags, mascot for the game 'Monopoly'
Likes Lieberman more than Reid

-Headline of the day-
"Insurance Stocks Plunged As Reid Announced Public Option, Spiked After Lieberman Vowed To Filibuster It."

Pretty self-explanitory; Reid says a bill will go forward with a public option and the insurance company stocks tank. Joementum gets all pissy about it and says he'll back a filibusters and those same stocks skyrocket.

And your financial well-being? Well, no one tracks that. For the media, Wall St. and the economy are the same thing. I'll tell you this much, your stock just crashed. If you're wondering why you're so uncomfortable when you sit down right now, it's because Joe Lieberman (CT for Lieberman Party-CT) just screwed you royally.

And he didn't even buy you dinner first. (Think Progress)

-When is a referendum not a referendum?-
When it's the Virginia Governor's race.

See, the media have been pushing the Virginia gubernatorial race as a "referendum" on President Obama, mostly because it's the first election of this year and that's the only way to get people in the other 49 states to give a crap about it one way or another. Elections people care about mean sweet ratings $$$, while state-level elections mean yawns. So the push is on to make the Virginia race an state-level election people care about. As a result, talking heads are saying that if the Democrat Creigh Deeds loses, then that means everyone hates Obama and we're looking at a failed presidency. The stakes couldn't be higher!

Anyhoo, Deeds is getting his ass handed to him and that means that Barack Obama is going to have to resign in disgrace -- because, remember, that means we all hate in a unanimous way.

The problem with this reasoning? It's bullshit. It turns out that when you ask Virginians why they're voting the way they are, they say it's because Deeds sucks. And that it has nothing to do with Obama. A poll by the Washington Post shows:

-Seventy percent of likely voters say Obama is “not a factor” in their choice. Only 15% say opposition to Obama is a factor, while 14%, say support for him is a factor.

-Seventy one percent say it makes “no difference” if the governor is from the same political party as the president. More people say it’s good to have a governor from the same party, 16%-13%.

-Obama’s approval rating in Virginia is 54%, in line with many national polls.

But never mind the facts, watch this race! Watch it! Watch it! It's the most important race ever!

That is, until all the rest of them. (Plum Line)

-Bonus HotD-
"Dallas cops fine drivers for 'not speaking English.'"

That's going to kind of hurt tourism a little bit, don't you think?

According to the report, "Red-faced Dallas police chief David Kunkle has apologised to the local Hispanic community after it was revealed that his officers had fined 38 drivers for the novel offence of having an inadequate command of the English language." Astonishingly, it turns out that's not actually a law. But that didn't stop the department from collecting fines.

"Any citations that were paid, we're going to reimburse the people who paid the citation," Kunkle said.

Seriously, if "having an inadequate command of the English language" were a crime, then former Texas Governor George W. Bush would be serial offender. I'm guessing that a lot of those cops would be as well.

Oh well, I guess it just wouldn't be Texas without all the institutional racism. (The Register, via Vet)

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