The IgNobel Peace Prize

Yesterday morning we learned that Pres. Obama will receive the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

If this leaves you scratching your head, it gets worse. The deadline for nomination was less than two weeks after he took office.

You may wonder whether Obama has done anything to deserve this award. But according to the Nobel committee chairman, Obama won because of his efforts, not because of the results.

This is patently absurd. You don’t get a paycheck because of the work you might do, you get it for the work you did do. Professors don’t hand out grades for the papers their students might write, but for the ones they did write. Using the Peace Prize as an incentive devalues the award and shows that it's nothing but an ideological beauty contest.

However, through this Obama has finally said one thing I agree with. He does not believe he is worthy to be in the company of the people who have won the prize before him.

You’re right about that, Barry. You’re right about that.


  1. I am pouring Clorox down your hole right now. I hope that it doesn't hurt too much. No, that's a lie, I hope it hurts a lot.

  2. You forgot to mention we don't grant protections above that given to real people for something that might turn into a person.
    We don't award no bid contracts to war profiteers for work they might do.
    We don't profile people and round them up for acts they might commit.
    We don't give over a billion dollars a year to Wal-mart for jobs they might create.
    And finally, we don't invade nations like Iraq because of WMD they might build.
    Good thing Conservatives don't do those things or they might be considered hypocrites for criticizing Obama getting the Peace Prize.