What’s So Wrong With Won

One man… alone on an island
Just me and this eye
For beautiful young women
Did I ever try?
Suppose I couldn’t lie
Now I’m walking on the sun
How’d I get so high
What’s so wrong with won?

Two… could you ever understand
Do not ask me why
When I’m already banned
Once scared to fly
Not allowed to die
Ain’t I having fun
Your stares I do deny
What’s so wrong with won?

Three… to finally be a man
You’ve already said buh bye
A baby I did waah
Without you… what surprise
Have some cookies and my pie
My future I will run
What’s so wrong with won?

To you I won’t comply
Once poor and lonely son
Ask me who am I?
What’s so wrong with won?

Copyright © 2012, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

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