Reflective of Correction

No second coming or a resurrection
New direction with my reflection

Opposing me, every step of the way
I’ll be him, tomorrow, today
He looks and sees a memory
I look and see a destiny
That he and I, me and him
Are the beginning and the end
Just two beings caught in the light
But only I want what’s right

And what is right, he goes left
Difference between life and death
Am I right or is he wrong
Don’t ask me What’s Going On
Is what he says to me right now
I’m Gonna Make It, someway somehow
It’s all I reply and he ask why
Do I tell the truth or do I lie

What’s it like, on the Otherside
Not at all how I live mine
Opposites I think like hours
Only imagine all the Power
Though I fear he has the will
My body’s cold but warmth he feels
Loving Just Another Girl
While he has the whole wide world

A missing beat, his heart is gone
But he looks forward to the dawn
Money, power, women, galore
Now tell me what I’m living for
It gets better… but not today
Tell you what I need to say
The Man In The Mirror I want to be
Why you ask… he gets me

Survive, to thrive; just deny
For the wicked do not lie
If my want but to conquer
There is no more time to saunter
Being him you may call sin
Sex and horror… it begins

Copyright © 2012, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

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